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Gilden Family Chiropractic COVID-19 INFO:

Gilden Family Chiropractic is Open during Normal Hours

Your health is very important to Dr. Gilden and that is why the office is staying open.

The bodies ability to adapt is directly related to how well your nervous system is functioning.  Getting Adjusted balances the function of the nervous systems.

The non-therapeutic Chiropractic you have been receiving at Gilden Family Chiropractic provides your body with so much more than relief from symptoms, it allows your body to have a harmonious response to the outside world.

If you would like some additional information on non-therapeutic Chiropractic check out our short Reggie Gold Videos.

Gilden Family Chiropractic is following all the CDC and State of California protocols for COVID-19.

The California Chiropractic Association is advising that the Chiropractic Board is going after Chiropractors that are making statements regarding how Chiropractic can help your body combat COVID-19.

Gilden Family Chiropractic provides Non-Therapeutic Chiropractic, which means that we do not diagnose or provide treatment for any medical conditions including COVID-19.

We welcome you to Gilden Family Chiropractic!


Since 1997, Gilden Family Chiropractic has been working to provide the best chiropractic care for people in the San Diego area. Dr. Ken Gilden’s experience in chiropractic care is coupled with genuine concern. All of our team is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health while saving you money every step of the way.
This website also provides you with an overview of our offices and the field of chiropractic. As you navigate the site, you’ll find information about our offices, including directions, hours of operation, payment policies, information about the other professionals in our office and our services. You do not need to make an appointment the office is all walk in. Go to our Hours and Location Page to see when and where you can find Dr. Gilden.

Free Visit Offer:  Go to our Free Visit Page to watch some short videos and receive a free visit.

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