By Hand Gonstead Adjusting

Dr. Gilden specializes in Gonstead by hand Adjustments.

Gonstead is a very precise form of manual adjusting that requires no twisting of the spine.  By eliminating the rotation in the spine during the adjustment you decrease the time it takes for the spine to heal because rotation is the most damaging motion to the spine.

The Gonstead Adjustment is a very specific spinal adjustment that only adjusts the vertebra in the opposite direction that it is misaligned.  It makes no sense to move a vertebra both directions, you will only end up were you began.

The primary misalignment of the vertebra is posterior and inferior.  At Gilden Family Chiropractic we apply a Posterior to Anterior light force adjustment.  The body is trying to self correct the posterior malfunctioning vertebra but is unable to make the correction on its own.  By applying a light force in line with what the body is trying to do on its own we are able to help the body begin to correct the Vertebral Subluxation.

Who or What is Gonstead?

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead (1898-1978) began practicing chiropractic in 1923 in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, a small farming community of 1,200 residents in south central Wisconsin. Dr. Gonstead’s reputation spread throughout the state, the country and ultimately around the world, as a multitude of patient’s health problems were corrected remarkably fast by his brand of chiropractic treatment. Hundreds of patients were seeking his care on a daily basis, and with his dedication to helping these patients, Dr. Gonstead worked from 8 a.m. to midnight six days a week plus every Sunday morning from 5 to 10 a.m. to be able to accommodate these growing patient numbers. When Dr. Gonstead’s schedule was at the limit of his physical capability, he knew the only solution to meet the public’s health needs on the scale the public was demanding, was to build an unparalleled chiropractic treatment facility and staff it with Gonstead trained associates.

Current Gonstead Clinic of ChiropracticThe Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic, completed in 1964, was the third and final clinic Dr. Gonstead would design and treat patients from in this little town of Mt. Horeb before his death in 1978. Dr. Gonstead built the largest chiropractic facility in the world. A 22,000 square foot clinic, it had a waiting room to seat over 100 patients, 11 adjusting rooms, x-ray facilities and lab, and a lower level to hold Chiropractic seminars. It was to become the most renowned chiropractic facility in the world. Next to his new clinic, Dr. Gonstead added a 78 room, full-service motel to accommodate the clinic’s numerous long distance patients. Dr. Gonstead and his fellow staff members attended 300 to 400 patients on a daily basis. This huge following of patients led Dr. Gonstead to start the Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic, helping to teach and develop even more Chiropractors in the art and philosophy of the Gonstead system of chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Ken Gilden  received much of  his advanced chiropractic training at the Gonstead Clinic.

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