Nero-Muscular Retraining

Imagine you are working at you computer all day and it begins running very slow. You will probably hit the restart button. When you do this, you turn everything off for a moment so that the pathways can be cleared. After the computer is turned back on, the pathways have been reset and the computer is working at its full potential.

Much as the pathways on your computer get slowed down, so do the pathways in your nervous system. The muscles on either side of the spine are controlled by pathways from the brain. These pathways get jammed up with nero-patterns from years of old injuries and un-healthy activities such as sitting at the computer for too many hours.

Spinal nero-muscular retraining will reset these pathways so that your nervous system can work at its full potential. This can be achieved through different applications of stimulus to the para-spinal muscles. It is important to realize that it is not the stimulus that is doing the healing; it is your own body that carries the healing properties. The use of these new adjunctive procedures merely breaks the old pathway and allows a clear opening for the body to create a new and healthy pathway. It is also worth mentioning that this newly created pathway is one of many nero-pathways that exist between the para-spinal muscles and the brain. There is not one connection between your brain and each muscle or organ in the body, there are thousands to millions, depending on the part of the body in question.

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