Muscle ReBalancing

A trigger point in a muscle is roughly the equivalent of a stress fracture in a bone.

Have you ever dreamed, while nursing an injury, of finding a magic trigger to facilitate your healing? Or, if you’re working hard to avoid injury, wished for a button that you could press to give yourself the maximum chance of not getting hurt?

It is a well-kept secret that there is indeed such a button. I’m talking, of course, about trigger points. Many therapists, trainers, and coaches use trigger point termination to minimize injury, recover from injury, or prevent injury.

It is strongly held by many sports physiotherapists and other clinicians associated with sports at the highest level that the vast majority of sports injuries must have trigger point therapy (or a near equivalent that achieves the same outcome) as part of the treatment regime. Otherwise, everything that can be done for the athlete is not being done.

We take trigger point therapy to a new level with our custom Muscle Re-Balancing machine.   This machine is built from a construction level jigsaw to provide the power we need.  The machine has been re-stroked to give it a very short, powerful stroke.

Muscle Re-Balancing is provided to our wellness clients at no additional cost.  This no cost approach is achieved through a relationship we have with the local medical schools.  The medical Students need a number of therapy hours to complete there education and you get the benefit of that free therapy.   Although our Medical Students are usually available we are occasionally with out students and thus will not have this service during that time.  Our hours page is updated regularly so you will know when this service is available.

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