2 Types of Chiropractic

Upper Back Adjustment
Upper Back Adjustment

2 Types of Chiropractic

You have a choice in this office of Wellness Chiropractic or Medical Chiropractic.

Wellness Chiropractic also known as Objective Straight Chiropractic is about making sure the whole spine is functioning properly regardless of where it hurts.  This approach is for those that want to not only feel better but also want to look and function better.  Improved posture is one of the most noticeable effects of Wellness Chiropractic.

Form follows Function!  If your spine is functioning properly your posture will follow.

Our bodies do not operate on Wi-Fi.  The body is hard wired through a very complicated network of nerves that controls every aspect of how our bodies perform.  Since the main hub of nerves is at the spine it is no wonder that so many health problems we encounter originate with the Spinal Nerves.

The doctor will not discuss your pain, since any pain you may be having is usually not the source of your spinal problems.  Pain can be misleading and may cause the doctor to overlook a non painful area of your spine that is actually causing the pain you want to talk about.

On each visit the doctor will palpate your spine to determine what needs to be Adjusted that day.  There will be no diagnosis, treatment plans or lengthy paperwork you have to fill out.  The office visit for Wellness Chiropractic is $25 a visit or $69 a month for unlimited visits.

Medical Chiropractic

Medical Chiropractic is usually associated with Insurance companies since they require lengthy and detailed documentation in order to settle a claim.  This form of Chiropractic attempts to address a particular ailment and works to relieve that problem only.

Medical Chiropractors diagnose and treat a broad range of physical conditions in patients with muscular, nervous, and skeletal problems, especially the spine.

Medical Chiropractors make use of conventional diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, MRIs, and lab work, as well as specific procedures that involve manipulation by hand of various parts of the body.

The office visit for Medical Chiropractic is usually between $100 –$300 depending on what is needed.


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