Animal Chiropractic

Chance Ken green shirt
The doctors personal dog Chance, Getting Adjusted 

The reason Animal Chiropractic may work on animals even better than on people is because animals have more innate intelligence and less educated intelligence.  The inborn intelligence of the animals body uses the Chiropractic Adjustment to correct the spine so that the spinal nerves are not pinched at the spinal column,

A Chiropractor is the only one that can perform a Chiropractic Adjustment.  Many Veterinarians perform what is called a Musculoskelatal   Manipulation (MSM).  The MSM is a medical procedure and is only concerned with unfixing a fixed joint.  There is no concern with the misalignment of the spine or it’s effect on Innate Intelligence.  The spinal joint misalignment can cause multiple problems with the spinal nerves long before a fixation of the joint ever occurs.  This is why a Chiropractic Adjustment can do so much more for your animals health than a MSM.

Unfortunately the Veterinarian Board is not allowing us to perform Animal Chiropractic at this time.

Go to San Diego Animal for more information on Animal Chiropractic

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